Louis Vuitton Cup finalists disheartened but show spirit in first races (Photos)

Kiwis Take 4-1 Lead in Louis Vuitton Cup Finals

New Zealand sped around the mark quietly and alone again and then back to the barn. The boats are suffering different problems from each other. Helmsman Dean Barker met the press in dry clothes, shorts and athletic shoes and an Emirates jersey with his sunglasses on his head. He seemed serious rather than victorious and quite human rather than a gladiator, a gentleman who seemed to be quietly pulling more for the Cup as a whole. All for one and one for all. The Italians aren’t afraid to stick it in there Barker said in conclusion. What Barker and Sirena have in common is heart. Sirena even sails Luna Rossa with a Swedish flag as well as his own in honor of Artemis Racing. One difference is while the affable and muscular Sirena shaves his head smooth, the aristocratic, tall and lean 40 year old Barker with the baby smooth skin and flashing blue eyes has started letting a little soft scruff of beard grow. Barker tried to keep things optimistic and wants his time on the water.

Emirates Team New Zealand beats Italy’s Luna Rossa in scary opener of Louis Vuitton Cup finals

Skipper Dean Barker (14), of Emirates Team New Zealand, looks on as grinders Rob Waddell (11) and Chris Ward, center, float after after they fell during a sharp turn past the windward marks during the first race against Luna Rossa Challenge, of Italy, in their Americas Cup challenger series final sailing event on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013, in San Francisco.

Figures as varied as Keith Richards, Catherine Deneuve and Mikhail Gorbachev have all posed for the iconic luggage label – despite – dare we mention – all being eligible for membership of SAGA. The image is the sixth in an ongoing series, all shot by celebrated US portrait photographer Annie Leibowitz. The campaign also features images of Francis Ford Coppola with his daughter Sofia, and Andre Agassi with wife Steffi Graf. Enlarge Keith Richards in a hotel room for the series of travel-inspired images Louis Vuitton is not shy of trendsetting – quirky American designer Marc Jacobs is the label’s creative director – and collaborations with the likes of artists Stephen Sprouse and Richard Prince have introduced a new generation of fans to the label, such as supermodel Agyness Deyn. Louis Vuitton knows, however, that a young girl aspiring to the street chic of Agyness Deyn is unlikely to have the same financial clout as, say, a woman in her fifties, aspiring to the timeless elegance of Catherine Deneuve. It is an intimate knowledge of its customer that has led the label to use these figures as its brand ambassadors. And its success is inspiring other luxury brands to follow suit. Agyness Deyn with her Louis Vuitton Richard Prince bag earlier this year, and the purple Stephen Sprouse-print scarf, now sold out in the UK The original supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista are as popular now as they were in their eighties heyday, fronting campaigns for fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Prada respectively. Claudia Schiffer is the face of Chanel, while Marks & Spencer reversed its fortunes thanks to a series of television campaigns featuring sixties icon Twiggy. Claudia Schiffer in the latest Chanel campaign Sixties supermodel Twiggy models the latest Marks & Spencer collection, and right, Naomi Campbell modelling for Yves Saint Laurent this season The purpose of the Louis Vuitton campaign runs deeper than straightforward promotion however.

Accoya wood used to re-create iconic Louis Vuitton Design

Thats about as hard as you can probably push it and get away with it. The Kiwis still emerged victorious because their competition bowed out from their own mistakes. The Italians scrambled to fix a bracket that holds the lines around the right daggerboard of their 72-foot catamaran just before the scheduled start. They caught a break when officials delayed the race 20 minutes waiting for the wind to drop below the 18.9-knot limit (21.74 mph). Luna Rossas broken board wobbled up-and-down seconds after crossing the start line, and the team dropped out as it made more repairs. The Kiwis quickly had their boat foiling above the water, and they seemed to be flying away with an uncontested win until the near catastrophe. As Barker made a sharp turn around a marker going 41 knots, or about 47 mph, he said a strong gust of wind occurred.

Louis Vuitton Cup: Emirates Team NZ score two more points in Final

Both races started as scheduled and both crews completed the course without incident. Luna Rossa had some shining moments, particularly in the second race, but Emirates Team New Zealand is just too fast. We had a solid day all around. The guys sailed really well, really happy with how the boats going in these conditions, said Emirates Team New Zealand tactician Ray Davies. In the second race, Luna Rossa and Emirates Team New Zealand had a near even start, with Luna Rossa to windward.

The hashtag Sharknado had a recorded 5,000 tweets per minute. To break it down, thats 80 tweets per second! Check out the vid to see what the big to do is about the SyFy flick and watch omg! Insider for more of the latest in entertainment news. More The Fall/Winter 2013 shoe collection from the French luxury brand has arrived. Louis Vuitton announced the news by posting a photograph of the American model Dree Hemingway on Facebook . Elegance and chic style are in the mix for this new collection, which draws inspiration from the brand’s iconic luggage and handbag lines. In fact, the photo inviting Louis Vuitton fans to check out the new footwear depicts more bags than shoes.

Emirates Team New Zealand captures two, leads Louis Vuitton Cup Final 4-1


The facade was constructed using four types of panels arranged in an interleaved style to achieve Louis Vuitton Palermo a wood tissue. Each panel was made up of nine profiles of Accoya to recreate the iconic Louis Vuitton design. Pedro Reyes and wood engineer Diego Vasquez, both from INNTEC said: The design and construction of the new Louis Vuitton store in Cancun was a rewarding challenge. It was privilege to recreate the famous Louis Vuitton criss-cross design. We had to ensure it was constructed to the highest possible standard and able to withstand the challenging climate. The durability and stability offered by Accoya made this product ideal, not only, for the climate but also the challenging construction process, which took INNTECs team of fifteen people ten days to complete. Bryan Crennell, director of sales and marketing at Accsys Technologies said, At Accsys we pride ourselves on providing our customers with a superior wood product which will meet a variety of needs. We are delighted that the quality, finish and attributes of Accoya are regarded as an ideal match for such a well-respected luxury brand like Louis Vuitton. The finished building is impressive and the Accoya facade is covered with our guarantee against rot and decay for 50 years for exterior use above ground, making it perfect for a demanding outdoor application and location such as this. Accoya, manufactured by Accsys Technologies, is one of the most superior wood products on the market today.

Louis Vuitton presents new shoe collection with Dree Hemingway

In the second race, Luna Rossa and Emirates Team New Zealand had a near even start, with Luna Rossa to windward. The Italian crew was seconds away from getting to the first mark in the lead, but then the Kiwi crew popped up onto their foils and led by 3 seconds around the mark. 34th Americas Cup – Louis Vuitton Cup Final, Day 4, Race 4 -A ACEA / Photo Gilles Martin-Raget Click Here to view large photo The Kiwis extended the lead to 18 seconds on the ensuing run, but Luna Rossa had the better approach to the leeward gate, rounding on starboard and heading into shore. Emirates Team New Zealand lost most of its advantage when it rounded on port and then had to tack to starboard to cover. ‘They did a nice job of jibing at the moment they did on the run to create a split,’ said Davies. ‘We had a moment we couldave taken that lane off them, but decided to go for left gate with an early tack around the mark, and covered them hard from there.’ The two crews traded seven tacks on the three-nautical-mile beat in true match racing fashion. ‘We played well to take the right gate at the bottom,’ said Luna Rossa skipper Max Sirena.

Louis Vuitton bags Bond as Sean Connery becomes the latest legend to front the brand

Claudia Schiffer in the latest Chanel campaign

“And to beat them, we have to do everything 200 percent better and they probably need to make some mistakes.” Just completing real races was a major success for the troubled regatta. Only one boat finished the first three races of the challenger finals. And officials had to call off the second race each of the first three days because of wind that exceeded the safety limit. With lighter wind and a blue sky, the latest competitions ended almost before they began. In the first race, Luna Rossa helmsman Chris Draper moved his 72-foot catamaran too close to the start line. He had perfect inside position but had to pull back so he didn’t cross before the clock started, and by the time he picked up speed again, Emirates already had a large lead. Barker’s patient tactic allowed Emirates to hit the start line at full acceleration and leave Luna Rossa difficult air in its path. The Kiwis hit a top speed of nearly 44 knots, or about 50 mph, by the first mark and pulled off several smooth foiling gybes when a boat changes direction while sailing downwind and stays on the foils, without the hulls touching the water. “Momentum goes a long way in these boats,” Barker said.


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