Stop What You Are Doing: Louis Vuitton Is Opening A Shoe Salon

Louis Vuitton paying $3M less for Cup sponsorship

Because obviously, you dont have enough shoes in your collection already, July 15 marks the launch of the Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon (a.k.a. heaven) within the department stores Shoe Hall. Alongside a carefully curated selection of the brands luxury footwear, therell also be a limited edition LV heel on sale, titled the “Pump London.” As exclusive as it sounds, it’s actually even more so. Turns out, there are only 24 pairs of the pump being made, so expect hair pulling and elbow jabbing. Pics reveal the heel is as glorious as we’d hoped, made up in a mix of silk, satin, metallic calfskin blend, and hand-embroidered sequins.

Louis Vuitton, With a Touch of the Southwest

Louis Vuitton, spring 2014.

Venice does indeed have a long history of shoemaking, not least for its 16th-century chopines, which at their most extreme were more akin to stilts than to shoes and are thought to have originated from raised wooden Turkish bathhouse shoes. They must have been practical for navigating Venice’s floodwaters. There is still a small artisan shoemaking community in Venice, and other designers including Rick Owens and Vanessa Bruno use a factory in the region. But only Vuitton has built its own. The Vuitton building itself is a blueprint for social and environmental sustainability. There are enough solar panels to heat 56 per cent of the plant’s hot water, and a geothermal heat pump provides the rest.

Walking Tall: Inside Louis Vuitton’s shoe factory

From his travels he absorbed some vitals, like weathered plaid shirts, bandanas, field jackets of the genre worn by geologists and Boy Scouts (with patches), windbreakers, turquoise jewelry and prom attire. To decorate lapel holes, he had someone craft delicate stems of wildflowers and wheat tops out of feathers. Paris Mens Fashion Cathy Horyn reports on the runway shows. Wherever Mr. Jones goes, he never loses sight of Vuittons sensibility. I adore a bandana print; Mr. Jones transformed them into shirts, including an oversize version that evoked a caftan, as well as scarves and ties. Those weathered plaid shirts? He created a slightly oversize shirt in super-fine, washed cotton. One of the red, white and blue plaid sports jackets was actually a jersey, making it travel-friendly.


America’s Cup CEO Stephen Barclay said Friday that the contract was amended in April when it became clear how few teams would make it to the starting line. Louis Vuitton would have paid the full amount originally contracted if at least five challengers entered. Barclay declined to disclose what the French luxury goods maker is paying to sponsor the series, which will determine the opponent for defending champion Oracle Team USA in the 34th America’s Cup starting Sept. 7. But he said sponsorships of this type are generally worth tens of millions of dollars.


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