Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag now available in bright Epi leather

Julie de Libran: Louis Vuitton’s secret weapon

So is Louis Vuitton’s updated version of the Neverfull handbag. An iconic shape among the LV collection, the previously monogrammed tote is now available in a range of brightly dyed Epi leather textures, with statement red, fuchsia pink and tangerine (or Piment as they call it) leading the pack. Spacious and chic, the longstanding bag shape offers flexibility when it comes to dressing up or down, while those new hues are set to steal hearts the bag world over. What do you think? Loving the new Louis Vuitton? CLASSIC HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton Neverfull Epi in Piment orange

First proper Louis Vuitton Cup race

Louis Vuitton is trying to take the slow road back to its dominance as a luxury retail brand, riding the back of a llama-like animal and a $2.56 billion acquisition. As I noted recently, the French vendor of elite handbags, clothing, jewelry and champagne has lost some of its shine. While it is still the worlds number one luxury brand, it has given up luster to rivals like Prada and Gucci. Luster is everything in the allure of the luxury world, so LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (the full name-dropping moniker of the company) is doing what it can to polish up. Its latest move: Its spending $2.56 billion to acquire 80 percent of Loro Piana, an exclusive Italian textile firm and clothier that hails from near Lake Como, a place where George Clooney hangs out. Loro Piana represents the opposite of the fast fashion trend epitomized by the likes of Zara and H&M. As BloombergBusinessweek noted , you could call it slow fashion. It deals in materials like vicuna wool, which comes from a South American llama cousin that yields the fine fibers only every two or three years – hardly the in-today out-tomorrow vision of a Zara shop. Likewise, Loro sells a $6,000 sports coat made from Myanmars lotus flowers. An LVMH executive called Lora Piana, one of the most elitist brands in the world. The weird world of luxury fashion is one of the few places where you can say something like that proudly and without blinking an eye.

Kiwis rout Italians in 1st real race of America’s Cup challenger series

BY Caroline Roux | 07 July 2013 Julie de Libran at home in Paris Photo: FRANCOIS COQUEREL Fashion people aren’t like you and me. For a start, they always look fabulous, and effortlessly so. Related articles Louis Vuitton: the world’s most valuable luxury brand And Julie de Libran, the womenswear creative director at Louis Vuitton , is a fashion person par excellence. The first time we meet at her airy six-room apartment in the chic sixth arrondissement of Paris, she’s lounging on a deep-blue velvet sofa in a piece from her pre-fall collection – a satin sweatshirt-style top in deep red with a black pattern of deconstructed lace, teamed with casual black cotton trousers. ‘It’s so comfortable,’ she says, examining the fall of the sleeve and the ribbed band around its hem, more like a scientist who’s satisfied with the results of an experiment than an ego-driven designer obsessing over her own work. The apartment that she shares with her husband, Stephane de Luze, and seven-year-old son Balthazar is as much a testament to Parisian good taste as her wardrobe. ‘But you should have seen it before we moved in!’ says de Libran, 41, who completed a rapid refurbishment in the month before Balthazar was born. ‘It had belonged to Stephane’s family and was full of flowery wallpaper and tapestry covers.’ Now with its white walls and parquet floor, it provides a perfect backdrop for fleamarket finds and some serious design pieces, including a pair of 1950s bookcases by Franco Albini that wouldn’t be out of place in a museum. Their shelves are dotted with art books – among them an Elizabeth Peyton monograph, a signed copyof Jeff Koons’ Versailles catalogue and a newly acquired David Bowie book from the V&A show.

LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA Stock Rating Reaffirmed by BNP Paribas (MC)

Bernstein reiterated an outperform rating on shares of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA in a research note to investors on Monday, June 17th. They now have a 165.00 ($211.54) price target on the stock. Separately, analysts at AlphaValue reiterated a buy rating on shares of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA in a research note to investors on Thursday, June 13th. They now have a 175.00 ($224.36) price target on the stock. Finally, analysts at Aurel BGC reiterated a buy rating on shares of LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA in a research note to investors on Tuesday, June 11th. They now have a 150.00 ($192.31) price target on the stock. Six equities research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating, ten have issued a buy rating and two have given a strong buy rating to the company.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag now in Epi leather

Theyll get better for sure. Luna Rossa helmsman Chris Draper added: We ended up almost where we thought wed be, probably a little bit worse off. I think the majority of the losses were in boathandling and a little bit in upwind boatspeed. But its all fixable and we knew that was there, so no massive surprise. To be honest the pre-start was 10 seconds of the race and they beat us by five minutes, so the pre-start didnt mean a whole lot. The Italian team’s skipper Max Sirena said: I am obviously not happy with this result, but the positive aspect is that a significant part of our gap can be attributed to factors that we can easily improve such as maneuvers and boat handling. We certainly have to also improve the performance of the boat, especially upwind, but also for this we have a series of new technical developments that will soon be ready.

Louis Vuitton’s “slow” road back to prestige

Kiwi skipper Dean Barker trapped Italys Luna Rossa during the pre-start maneuvers and then accelerated, gaining a five-length lead approaching the starting line perpendicular to the Golden Gate Bridge. Team New Zealands high-performance catamaran rose up on hydrofoils and the rout was on. The Kiwis were so dominant that they had finished and were doing a fly-by of Americas Cup Park on Piers 27-29 when the Italians were still approaching the sixth of seven marks. The winning margin was 5 minutes, 23 seconds, but Luna Rossa was ruled as not having finished. Boats must Louis Vuitton Delightful Gm finish within five minutes of the winner. Thats because there will be two races a day during the Louis Vuitton Cup finals for challengers and the Americas Cup match, and officials want to keep the program running on schedule. It was the first time in four races that two wing-sailed AC72 catamarans were on the course at the same time. Italy boycotted Sundays opening race while awaiting an international jurys decision in a rules spat.


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