Buddhist Monks in Flashy Aviators and Lois Vuitton Bags: Over 300 Reprimanded (VIDEO)

Rendering of the Frank Gehry design for the Foundation Louis Vuitton museum in Paris

You may think it odd for an artist of Turrells stature to be featured in a luxury retail store, especially since hes in such art-world vogue this year, with exhibitions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art , Guggenheim New York , and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston ; however, this isnt the first time the 70-year-old artist has been involved with Vuitton. The house previously commissioned Tall Glass, a permanent light sculpture at its Champs-Elysees store, and a photo project featuring an LV trunk set in the landscape of Turrells ongoing work at Roden Crater, outside Flagstaff, Arizona.The Las Vegas piece, titled Akhob, is a Ganzfeld effect work that resides separately from the stores merchandise, on the fourth floor of the massive luxury space, and requires visitors to fill out a waiver before entering in the event they sustain an injury from the piece, which at times can be discombobulating. The room floods the retina with high pigment fields of light that can make you feel like youre in a different realm. So why does the fashion house have such an interest in the contemporary artist? A Louis Vuitton monogram Speedy bag with a Stephen Sprouse print (image via luxurybagsplaza.com ) Art has an interesting and evolving relationship with the fashion world. Though some would argue that fashion is art and were not saying it isnt, in some form theres also the dynamic of contemporary art being used in collaboration with fashion brands to create limited-edition garments and accessories. This practice of commissioning an artist to create designs for application on handbags, gowns, and the like is fairly common and stretches from the very high end of haute couture to the more accessible end of the spectrum at pret-a-porter. Louis Vuitton collaborations with the late Stephen Sprouse on graffiti and floral print Speedy bags, Marc Jacobs special items with Takashi Murakami , Yayoi Kusamas LV collection and installation that preceded her high-profile Whitney Museum exhibition these are nothing new. The question, of course, arises as to if or how creating specifically branded items affects an artists work.

Chapman Brothers x Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2013 Men’s Accessories Collection

Price increases of around ten per cent were spotted in the euro zone, and of ten per cent or more in the UK and in the U.S. over recent months. It also noted hikes of five to ten per cent on the same goods in several Asian markets including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Where ARE your clothes made, Juicy Couture? Confusing slogan says ‘manufactured in the glamorous USA’ but tags read ‘made in Vietnam’ Japan was the first to feel the pinch. On February 15 prices were upped by about 12per cent to account for the yen plummeting to a three-year low against the dollar and the euro. A spokesperson for Louis Vuitton explained to Bloomberg at the time: ‘We are an importer, so the weakening yen and rising raw material prices are part of the reason for the price increase.’ Analysts said the higher prices are unlikely to drive away its most loyal customers, who often don’t check price Louis Vuitton Date Code tags before they buy. Popular picks: Louis Vuitton is a go-to brand for the rich and famous – Jennifer Love Hewitt (left) and Hilary Duff (right) are fans of the French luxury good company A retail analyst said: ‘[Luxury] brand goods have low price sensitivity. People who buy those brands wont be so frugal as to care about another 10,000 yen.’ The New York-based website Mizhattan reported the U.S. price hike in February.

With Fall comes a whole host of fashions and accessories. Louis Vuitton teamed up with sibling fashion duo Jake and Dinos Chapman a.k.a. the Chapman Brothers to go in on the Fall/Winter Accessories collection. Known for their eye-catching and provocative designs, The Chapman Brothers brought a new element to the Louis Vuitton brand. The bags and scarves are adorned with a heavily embroidered and colorful pattern, compliments of the Chapmans. The edgy patterns have navy blue and red bases, with owls, vines, flowers, sharp-teethed koalas, and even an eye ball as part of the design. This limited edition collection will be dropping soon at Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. Check the gallery after the jump to some of the pieces and the design.

The “6 Wild” gang had what it thought was a foolproof cash and drug-flow scheme. They’d rob other gangsters of drugs and cash under the safe assumption that the victims wouldn’t call the cops. First, though, they’d send in young female gang members to befriend the intended victims and find out where and when the goods would be on hand. Trouble was, their girl spies didn’t always bring back reliable information. On at least three occasions in February, 2012, 6 Wild wound up mistakenly beating and holding guns to the heads of Bronx civilians — who did in fact report the brutal robberies to the police, officials said. Eleven alleged members, all from the Bronx and between the ages of 19 and 24, have been charged with conspiracy, robbery, burglary, assault, menacing, strangulation and drug possession The investigation was the joint effort of the NYPD, the city’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor, Bridget Brennan, and the Bronx DA’s office. The gang carried out around two home invasion robberies a month and frequently spurred retaliatory shootings in the Bronx and Harlem, officials said. They’d carry off their loot in oversized bags by Louis Vuitton and Gucci, Brennan said in announcing the bust. “They swore allegiance to only one thing — the Gucci bags full of cash that they collected from committing their crimes,” Brennan said.

Hilary Duff

Villalva | Christian Post Reporter (PHOTO:You Tube Clip) Buddhist monks in Thailand are in hot water after a YouTube video surfaced sometime last week, revealing the monks wearing designer bags while flying on a private jet. Thailand’s Office of National Buddhism has come forward with a new statement explaining its plans to monitor Buddhist monks in the Click For Source area more closely. The statement is in response to a YouTube video that has surfaced, depicting the monks favoring material objects. In the video the monks, dress in orange and flying on a private jet, can be seen wearing flashy aviator glasses and packing a Louis Vuitton bag. One monk is rubbing his eyes, apparently stressed, while a second monk sits in the back with earphones. The behavior of the monks has been referred to as “inappropriate.” “When Lord Buddha was alive, there wasn’t anything like this. There were no cars, smartphones or cameras, so the rules were much simpler. While the monks need to keep themselves abreast of new knowledge, current events and technology, they are restrained to choose the appropriate tools,” the agency’s director-general Nopparat Benjawatananun said in a statement this week, according to The Gloss. Nopparat added that the monks in the video were acting “inappropriately, not composed and not adhering to Buddha’s teachings of simplicity and self-restraint.” It is unclear where the monks might have collected such expensive items. The director suggested that at times, followers of Buddhism often share gifts with monks to show their appreciation.


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