Women in South-east Asia love Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci: study

In Singapore, 27 per cent of women are Passionistas, 22 per cent Peacekeepers, 13 per cent Social Siders  and 19 per cent each are Trailblazers and Heart Warmers.   The Philippines have the most Passionistas with 32 per cent of women polled and Indonesia next with 25 per cent.    1 in 3 earn the most in their household   The study also found that more women in SEA are becoming more affluent – with one–third of Singaporean women taking on the role of household chief income earner – and the majority of them own luxury items.   Two out of three women in SEA possess at least one luxury item and each of them spend at least S$2,100 a year on luxury items such as shoes and handbags, with Louis Vuitton and Gucci being the market leaders across all five personality categories. Women in SEA also channel most of their spending to buying other goods such as beauty products with as much as S$460 per month on mainly skincare and cosmetics. According to NBCU, this figure is more than what they spend on dining out. In Singapore, the study shows that women mainly prefer skincare products by Sk II, Biore and Estee Lauder, and cosmetic products by Maybelline, L’oreal and Chanel. When it comes to cars, 60 per cent of women in SEA are main or joint decision makers, and the popular car brands among them are Honda, Toyota and BMW. First phase of ‘High Heeled Warriors’   The current results are from the second phase of NBCU’s study. The results of the first phase, released in October 2011, measured the qualitative aspects of women’s shopping decisions.   It found out that many Asian women are educated, independent and success-oriented. They have high expectations of themselves while holding a traditional perspective on family values.

Visiting the Source | A Rare Look Inside the Atelier of Louis Vuitton

She loves to have fun, she loves to party and she just lives life by her own rules. How were you able to relate to her? Well I couldn’t relate to what she was doing, I couldn’t relate to their actions, but I could relate to the motives behind them and I understood where they were coming from. I really understood how Chloe felt isolated in the world that she grew up in and she felt isolated from her parents and she didn’t learn the lessons that she needed to learn. They didn’t teach her that and that was upsetting. Was it fun to shoot in LA? Well it’s my hometown, so it’s just normal for me to be there but it really added to the affect since the story’s just all about LA so it just made sense, you know what I mean? It wouldn’t have made sense anywhere else. And what do you admire about Sofia Coppola?

Interview with ‘Bling Ring’ cast at Louis Vuitton, Vanity Fair special screening (Photos)

Emma Watson, Sofia Coppola and cast

‘Hermès is known as the leading luxury handbag designer and it is unsurprising that the iconic Birkin and Kelly designs continue to thrive at auction,’ says Pat Frost, director of Christie’s fashion department. ‘Exquisite quality is at the heart of Hermès handbags and this sale offers the crème de la crème of Hermès designs with a number of timeless pieces and rare exotic leathers. ‘The online-only format of this sale follows hot on the heels of our successful Vintage Couture: Handbags, Luggage and Accessories sale in April this year. ‘This sale which runs for 10 days provides another extended opportunity for buyers around the world to purchase handbags and accessories by some of the greatest designers of all time.’ Handbag history: A lesson Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags continue to be highly sought-after and have become increasingly popular since they were first designed. Birkin bags were inspired by English actress and singer Jane Birkin in the 1980s. In a chance encounter with the former Hermès CEO on an airplane, the celebrity suggested the design for a weekend bag, which paved the way for the consistently popular ‘Birkin’ bag. The Kelly bag was named after Grace Kelly, who in 1956 had just become Princess of Monaco and was seen carrying the original leather ‘Sac à dépêche’ to hide her pregnancy. Photographs of the young starlet were sent all over the world, leading to the bag being known as the Kelly. Originally designed in 1935 the shape is a classic form which has gained worldwide acclaim. Actress Jane Birkin circa 1967 (left) and Coco Chanel (right) Chanel Chanel, ever practical, introduced a handbag suspended from thin straps in 1929, as an alternative to the clutch – freeing up the busy woman-about-town’s hands for other things.  When she returned from retirement in 1954, Chanel decided to update her handbag even further and called the bag 2.55 after the date of creation, February 1955. The 2.55 remains the most popular bag today, both vintage and new.   In fact, Chanel released an exact copy of the original 2.55 in February 2005 to commemorate the bag’s 50th birthday.

Counterfeit Coach, Louis Vuitton, Prada under fire in NYC

A woman eats among a display of purses

Council member Margaret Chin, who introduced the bill, said at a public hearing Thursday that counterfeits deprive the city of at least $1 billion in tax revenue a year that could support community improvements. What’s more, she says, the counterfeit trade has been linked to child labor and the funding of organized crime and terror groups. “For tourists, it’s fun, it’s a bit of adventure,” Chin says. “We have to let people know that if you engage in this activity you are committing a crime.” On the street, day after day, sellers press their hard-sell routines. “Rolex! Chanel!” a man on a street corner whispers someone walking by. “Get this before the police do!” he adds with a grin. Buyers are walked to a designated spot where they’re quietly shown photos of the desired goods. Choices are then signaled to another person who disappears to an undisclosed location — a vendor’s back room, a nearby apartment, the back of a van.

From Louis Vuitton To Daft Punk, How Pharrell Williams Is The Ultimate Collaborator

Nearby, the less exotic leathers are stored — lamb and goat for linings, veal and cowhide for exteriors — all at a constant temperature (between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius). The house’s signature material is flesh-colored natural cowhide leather, the basis for all monogram bags. The more exotic leathers — stingray so thick you can’t stitch into it, python skins as long as eight meters — require specific expertise. Each exotic skin is colored and given a matte or glazed finish, then cut with pressurized machines, except for special orders, which are always cut by hand. Upstairs, craftsmen assemble and perfect the pieces. Glimpsing an unfinished handbag lining is like catching someone in her underwear: it appears denuded, vulnerable. Nearby, the wooden frames for the trunks are covered with canvas and leather. Following the rules on how to place the materials is a skill unto itself: the logo must always be centered, the monogram must never be cut, the flowers must correspond perfectly from one edge to another. Next, the signature Louis Vuitton “tumbler lock” is put in place.

Bag a bargain! Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton among 84 designer handbags up for online-only auction from 2pm TODAY

Top seller: Lot 33, the 2011 35cm amethyst matte crocodile Birkin bag has a whopping final sale estimate of up to £28,000

The star producer and mega-hyphenate talks about how he keeps his ego in check in “the relentless pursuit of action.” By: Tyler Gray If you didn’t know who Pharrell Williams was before this past April, you almost certainly do now. That’s because Williams is the vaguely Michael Jackson-sounding singer in a Hedi Slimane-designed sparkly suit in the video for ” Get Lucky .” The chart-topping song from Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories sold more than 2.5 million copies just one week after the album came out, and has nearly 60 million Vevo plays . The song and Pharrell are almost literally everywhere. But don’t mistake him for a front man. Williams, 40, is a behind-the-scenes creative and design force for fashion labels–Louis Vuitton and his own Ice Cream Clothing and Billionaire Boys Club . He’s helping pioneer a new sustainable clothing material and manufacturing process called Bionic Yarn . He created sonic branding platform UJAM and accompanying app VJAM with composer Hans Zimmer . He’s won four Grammys, created the original score for Despicable Me, and worked as a producer on too many music projects to list. When he lends his name to a promotion for, say, HTC , it’s because he actually wants to share big ideas with the company, not just rock the launch party. As he told Fast Company at a recent VIP dinner, part of our recent Innovation Uncensored New York event, he feels most rewarded when he’s learning on the job. Watch an excerpt from that conversation above, or listen below to the whole interview–with more on Williams’s Daft Punk collaboration and a story about the time he made Madonna cry.


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